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Kitchen Renovations Sydney NSW

Sydney kitchen renovations are by far the most popular of home remodel ideas, as they add to the value of the house while making the kitchen more comfortable to work or socialize in. However, not all Sydney kitchen remodel projects are the same, as different kitchens have different needs, and different people have different reasons for wanting kitchen renovations in the Sydney area.

A new home might need renovations to personalise the generic cabinets and floors the original contractor used for universal appeal, whereas an older home might just need to be upgraded to modern standards. Of course, other kitchens simply don't match the design tastes of the homeowner, who simply wants a few small changes for cosmetic appeal..

Leading Kitchen Renovators in Sydney

Pro Projects are leading and experienced kitchen renovators in Sydney. We work with you from the design concepts of the kitchen to professional kitchen design advice. From custom carpentry and joinery, appliance advice, tap ware and tiling. Think of us as your Sydney kitchen renovation project manager.

A kitchen remodel can be a very big task with many requiring a vast range of skilled tradesmen and contractors. Pro Projects takes care of that. We provide qualified and skilled workers in all trades ranging from Carpenter, Joiner, Cabinet Maker, Tiler, Electrician, Painter and Plumber.

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Our Sydney kitchen renovation service provides:



Cabinet Maker

Custom joinery

Water proofing

Appliance advice





Design Advice

Project management

Kitchen Renovation Styles and Designs in Sydney

There are a few aspects of kitchen design to consider when planning a renovation project. A simple paint job can freshen the look of a kitchen, but that isn't really considered a renovation by itself. Instead, renovations can include changing any or all of the cabinetry and hardware, counter tops, flooring, electrical and plumbing fixtures, and appliances. Because every kitchen renovation is a custom job, the extent and style of the renovations vary by customer.

Popular Kitchen renovation styles in Sydney:





Cottage Charm

Country Farmhouse




Old World



Determining the Needs of Your Kitchen

The driving motivation of most kitchen renovations Sydney should be determined by the needs of the kitchen and how the family who lives in the home uses it. Someone who entertains guests every weekend is going to have different needs than the family who only cooks for themselves, and such a kitchen in turn is going to have different needs than a young couple who might eat out as often as they actually cook at home. It's important to realistically consider such needs when designing the new kitchen, as they will determine the extent and style of the renovations.

Current Trends versus Timeless Class

Yet another consideration is the idea of incorporating timeless proven kitchen aspects along with modern trends. Timeless beauty provide a sense of class which will remain popular, but modern trends might introduce new technology which adds comfort and function to the room. As houses become computerised, kitchen lights and appliances have new means of operation which some people find useful, while other people don't see the need for anything other than energy saving devices which otherwise are controlled manually. Of course, it can be nice to have food prepared in the oven which can be turned on remotely to start cooking as you leave work, but such a concept might not really save that much time compared to simply turning it on when you get home.

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Reason to choose Pro Projects to be your Sydney kitchen renovator :

  • 10 Years of experience renovation work
  • Designer advice on tiles, fixtures and carpentry
  • We are a full service kitchen renovation company
  • Expertise to complete custom kitchen work
  • Provide qualified tradesmen and contractors
  • Fully licensed and insured to carry out kitchen renovation work in sydney
  • We back our kitchen work with a big workmanship warranty

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